Are you stuck trying to figure out what to submit as your official relay team name? Perfect relay team names take a little time and a little brainstorming. You want it to be funny and clever, creative, easy to remember, and ripe with possibilities for decorating your team van and picking out costumes. Or you want it to represent your serious nature, sleek and fast just like you hope your team will be come race day. It’s enough to make a team captain wring her hands in despair and simply go with the first name that comes to mind.

If you’re stuck with the task of picking a perfect relay team name, here are some questions and ideas to help get your creativity flowing:

Do you have a fun idea for costumes or van decorations?
Part of the thrill of a great team name is the ability to pair the name with themed decorations and costumes. “Team Yogging…Apparently You Just Run”, one of our most spirited teams, runs in Anchorman costumes for the entire race. They have been able to theme their entire race using the Anchorman theme.  Browse sites like or for light up items or costumes that you think would be fun to wear, and let those guide the names you pick.

How does your team know each other?
Did you all go to college together? Are you all from the same area? Did you meet via Twitter? Are you family? Team names like “In a Family Way”, “Bachelor Beauts” or “Team #hashtag” can reflect your point of origin.

Do your friends and you have a theme song that you want to play throughout the race?
We’ve had teams play “Afternoon Delight” for 35 hours straight. If it’s a song you love, why not theme your team around it?  Or pick a line from a song that gets you dancing, like Spokanimal Print Pants used a line from the song “Sexy and I Know It”…How about team “Back in Black” – wearing all black of course, and rocking out to a little AC/DC. Pick a favorite song and go from there.

What’s your favorite movie?
Anchorman is not the only movie that gets attention in the relay scene. Team “King Kong Ain’t Got Nothin’ on Us” is inspired by Denzel Washington’s rant in ‘Training Day’; the “Army of the 12 Monkeys” gives a nod to the Brad Pitt movie ’12 Monkeys’.  Team Cobra Kai is straight out of Karate Kid. “The Girls With the Draggin’ Patoots” – very clever. Think about those movies that get quoted all of the time or that have given you the chills. Chances are there is a good team name to be found.

Can you spin off on the name of the race?
Playing on the name of the race or the locations the race passes through is another fun way to find a team name. “Cultus Lake Cuties”, “Cruisin’ the Cascades” or “Spocoffee to Beerpoint” are all examples of team names based on the races they are running. Think about landmarks, towns or plays on words you can do with the name of the race for inspiration.

If you have a corporate team, can you incorporate what you do into the team name?
“Dirty Assets” is the name of a corporate team full of accountants (this is also a clever play on words!). “Power Outage” and “ElectroLights” are team names from local electric companies. Guess what “Feets of Engineering” is all about. Can you work what your corporate team does into your team name?

Puns, plays on words and other tricks.
“Agony of DeFeet”, “Blood, Sweat & Beers”, “Runderpants” and “Kiss My Assphalt” are all examples of how you can play with words to come up with something funny. Acronyms work too, like the “Super Heroes in Training”…obvious costume opportunities, a provocative acronym and a fun idea – that’s how to bring it all together in one team name.

Yeah, we went there.
Many teams choose to go the racy route – “That’s What He Said”, “Nuckin’ Futs”, and “Fart Lick Lovers” walk that line. How close to inappropriate can you go without going over? A great team name walks the edge, but it keeps it classy.

Still stumped? They say imitation is the highest form of flattery. Some award winning team names:

  • Powder to Chowder
  • The Run Percent
  • Occupy My Shorts
  • Honest Abe’s Studs & Babes
  • Femmes Feet-ale
  • The Not So Well-Hung Jury
  • Four Score and Seven Blisters Ago
  • Donner…Party of 12
  • The Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can’t Run Good
  • No Runner Left Behind (Cut This, [Nevada Governor] Jim Gibbons)
  • How The West Was Run
  • Penelope’s Revenge
  • Running Lei’d
  • Grate-ful We’re Not Dead
  • Go Nads
  • The Runger Games
  • #youareit
  • Off Like A Prom Dress
  • Lactic Acid Flashback
  • Call Me A Cab

More resources:

Often the perfect team name will come to you after you’ve turned something in. Not a problem for us.  Up until the point we have the bibs printed (mid July), we will change your name for you. Just shoot us an email and we’ll get it done.