It’s no secret that the reason running our relay is so much fun to run has everything to do with the fun-loving, spirited teams that return year after year. Slippery When Wet is no exception. One of our most enthusiastic Water Ambassador teams, Slippery When Wet is always a contender for the spirit award. Team captain Liz Boyer is returning for her fourth year, while teammate Jennifer Gross will be celebrating her sixth. We got the scoop behind their name and their secrets for making the most out of the first weekend in August.

The story behind our team name: several of us ran 2 years for the team: Like the Wind.  We enjoyed the race very much, but saw how many other teams went with themes and had quite a bit more fun!  We prided ourselves in our “spirit”.  How we supported ALL runner’s not just our own team, etc.  We wanted to break away from that team and start our own. A team, we hoped, that people would know just by seeing us and know what we are about.  While coming up with the new team name we remembered how we would often hear things like: “remember that van where they were giving little cups of water out to everyone and spraying everyone down….NOT just their own team?”  We heard many things like that at the finish line.  So we figured we were known as the team that got you wet!  Slippery When Wet was born. 🙂

Most of us know each other through Jennifer.  She does a wonderful job caring for many of our children at her in-home child care facility.  We got to know each other better through our running.  We participate in a lot of running events together, such as the Eugene Marathon and coming up the Avenue of the Giants 1/2 and full marathon.


Our goal is to be VERY recognizable and I think we’ve accomplished that.  Last year we were recognized at each exchange point by our blasting speakers on our roof, super soakers, “stranger cups” (as we call them), etc.  We have many many more tricks up our sleeve this year so there will be no doubt who we are!!!  Crazy fun as we may be! 🙂

Something new that we got in to last year was “tagging”.  This created a fun rivalry between the other “tagging” teams.  We really enjoy the other teams and the camaraderie we all share.

We have a few favorite spots on the course.  The first being the Silver Lake exchange point.  The nighttime atmosphere, the bright lights, loud music.  You can feel the energy level!  Our other fave is Elk Lake.  Mostly because we often enjoy a dip in the refreshing clear water of Elk Lake!

Advice for new teams: Sleep when you can.  Remember everyone is feeling as tired and worn out as you are.  Keep the energy level up…even if you are faking it! 🙂  This race is what you make of it.  If you let the tiredness, hunger and soreness win, you will not enjoy yourself.  If you stay energetic and have a team that encourages and supports you it will carry you through.  We also know that encouraging the other teams is one of the best ways to keep the energy up and truly ENJOY this amazing experience!


On having fun during the race:  It’s not necessarily what has happened to us….but the funnest thing we experience is being recognized by other teams!  Whether it’s when we pull in to an exchange point with music blasting and hear “here comes the fun, music crew” or when we are squirting people down and giving them water.  We truly have so much fun supporting and encouraging other runners.  Oftentimes our runner will start out on a leg and we will give support to all the other runner’s on that leg.  We find there are times where that runner will be so happy to see us up the road.  They start to rely on our support and we love it!  We even will ask other runner’s how far up they want us to go, if we see that they are struggling.  Of course we do this with our own team members too. 🙂

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