The very last leg of the Bend Beer Chase will be a great way to finish the one day relay as a team. We thought it was so much fun that we even opened up registration for people to do the 6Keg only and not the entire relay if they wanted to. But how do we really know how much fun it will be? We’ll we tested it ourselves! Man this job is tough.

Here’s how it will generally work. The relay portion of the BBC will end at Crow’s Feet Commons in downtown Bend. This is where all the timing portion will end too. So your team is officially off the clock once you begin the 6Keg. Also, all the vans are out of the picture from now on. It’s just you and your team running the last leg of the BBC together!

First, you will depart Crow’s Feet Commons and head a short distance towards Bend Brewing Company.crow's feet commons

Once you arrive at Bend Brewing Company you may encounter samples, games, contest, etc. Just like all the breweries will be hosting at their own location.

bend brewing company

Next, you will head east towards Silver Moon Brewing, where you are able to enter through the brewery in the back and talk with one of the Brewers.

Silver moon brewing

After learning some good brew information you will head towards 10 Barrel Brewing for a scenic run through the iconic Drake Park.

drake park

And take a few team selfies is you must.

running selfie

And then back to the beer at 10 Barrel Brewing.

10 Barrel brewing

Next stop is the Deschutes Brewery. This is the big daddy, the actual brewery where all that beer is brewed!

deschutes brewery

Once you’ve tasted, played and had some fun you will head towards Rat Hole Brewing for more!

rat hole brewing

And last but certainly not least, you will finish at Crux Fermentation Project.

crux fermentation project

Whew! That was a ton of fun. We know that everyone will really enjoy the Bend Beer Chase. Whether you are a team and this is your last leg of the relay or you are signing up for only the 6Keg portion, you will get to experience an amazing part of Bend and it’s breweries.

Register today for the one day relay or 6Keg!