At Cascade Relays, we know there are many outstanding runners and walkers integrated into every team. We want to take the opportunity to feature a few of these unique Cascade Relays participants so that we can all be inspired by the amazing personal stories of fellow runners and walkers.

So what does it take to be a stand out runner? Let’s start with our first featured runner, Jill Eberley and you’ll get the idea.

Jill Eberly

Jill was nominated by her teammate Troy Hancock. They are members of the former S2S team Blood, Sweat and Beers that has now become Blood, Sweat and More Beers, for the 2015 Spokane to Sandpoint Relay. Their team name speaks volumes about their priorities in life. Jill is also a Captain for her team at the Spokane to Sandpoint Relay.

Before S2S, Troy and Jill would workout together. He was having a tough time and she was able to give him the direction he needed to get into running. She shared her Map My Run link and also scheduled a few runs together to get him motivated.

As for Jill, she lives by a few of her own words of advice. “Life is about doing something you never thought was possible. If a goal is to participate in a race like Spokane to Sandpoint Relay, then it doesn’t matter what your pace is. The goal is to prove to yourself that you can focus and push your body to new limits.” As a Dive Master Jill does not live her life halfway. She is a rock-star always looking to conquer new challenges and inspire others in the process.

Jill’s motivation of Troy helped him form his addiction to running. He is in very healthy shape now and his pace has improved so much that he now has to wait for her on their runs together.

Jill Eberly S2S

Jill has learned a few things as Team Captain and from past participation in the Spokane to Sandpoint Relay, and she wanted to share a few tips:

  • Follow the Leg # order – it enables teammates to get adequate rest between their legs. (Cascade Relays allow your team to run any of the assigned legs in your van as there is no requirement to run in order)
  • Bring your own water – her team was aware they needed to have water in their van, but had no idea how much they needed. Always bring more water/Gatorade than you think you need.
  • Drive ahead of your runner a few miles and get out of the van to cheer them on and encourage them to do their best… and provide water during their run too!
  • Have fun and engage with the other teams! It can be competitive, but everyone is out there to have a great time. Enjoy each other’s company and cheer on everyone!

To nominate a fellow Cascade Relays runner or walker to be featured on our blog please contact Courtney at cascade relays dot com.