Our featured runner this month is inspiring to so many people, even outside of the relay community. Stacy Trosine is part of team 21 Dyxlesic Runenrs at Spokane to Sandpoint. Her friend, Stacy Thompson, nominated her.


As not to confuse you with two Stacy’s, I’ll talk about Stacy Trosine unless otherwise noted.

Stacy is currently in the US Air Force. She has been deployed 7 times to places like Afghanistan and Iraq. She began taking running more seriously when she met a fellow Air Force marathoner in Afghanistan. His ideas rubbed off on her and she ended up losing a lot of weight while training like he did. She went from 165lbs down to 112 lbs. She was hooked!


Stacy’s excitement about life is infectious. Whether she is talking about her two kids, running relays or even being a part of the Air Force she can make you want to sign up that minute and be a part of her team! She is a great leader by walking the walk and not just talking the talk. Stacy knows that people are motivated easily by actually seeing someone conquer a goal they didn’t think was possible. She experienced this first hand with her friend who ran marathons before she even attempted her first ultra run.


This past year Stacy was not able to participate in Spokane to Sandpoint but her teammates carried around a big cut out picture of her, which you may have seen if you were at S2S. Think Flat Stanly but larger and much better looking!


Typically Stacy’s training routine includes running 5 times per week plus 2 TRX workouts and 2 yoga sessions. She likes to plan out her year and also use a coach to help her with training details.

Stacy didn’t stop at running marathons because she wanted to conquer ultra runs as well. She will be running her first 125 mile race this October! She is also planning on hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. You can follow her journey on the PCT here. She’s not one to set mediocre goals.


One of her favorite parts of running Spokane to Sandpoint is seeing how cranky her friends can get. The ups and downs of the relay are a treat to her. She’s the funny one on the team, making people laugh and inventing scavenger hunts between the two vans. Having someone on your team like this is essential for a successful and more importantly, fun race. There are such wide ranges of emotions that occur during the 24-36 hour race. Everyone has a down moment as well as many highs. If someone is there to pull you out of that emotional low with a laugh, game or shoulder to lean on then they become your inspiration. We all need a little inspiration while racing.


Stacy likes to involve her kids as much as she can in her running adventures. Her son will join her and her team at Spokane to Sandpoint in 2015. Also, her son and daughter will help to crew her ultra runs.

Why does she love to run the Spokane and Sandpoint Relay? Simply, the scenery between Spokane and Sandpoint is beautiful. It’s her 5th year for her teammates and she is looking forward to their monthly training runs.

You can follow Stacy on Instagram @ultrarunningmama