Cascade Lakes Relay

 Cascade Lakes Relay


July 31st & August 1st, 2020

Registration Opens October 1st, 2019

Oregon’s most challenging running relay course starts in the Cascade Mountains at Diamond Lake Resort, travels through the Oregon Outback and rural agricultural country, and winds back to the Cascade Lakes Highway, around Mt. Bachelor and into the resort community of Bend. You’ll see more cows than semi-trucks and smell pine trees instead of exhaust. If you are seeking an adventure where you can push your limits and rediscover your senses, then this is the event for you and your team.

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About CLR36

The Cascade Lakes Relay is a 216.6 mile overnight race. Teams of 12 (or even 6 or 8) runners take turns running “legs” – shorter segments of 3 to 9 miles that link together at exchange points. A total of 36 legs comprise the Cascade Lakes Relay, so for a team of 12, that means you will run three times. Total mileage for each runner averages around 18 miles. Ultra teams, or those with less than 12 members, will run anywhere from 4 to 6 legs. Most teams take about 32 hours to complete the 216.6 miles, which means that teams run through the night. Running in the dark often proves to be a new relay runner’s favorite experience.

About CLR24 & Walk Relay

We also offer a shorter running relay, CLR24 and a Walk Relay, which both follow the 132 mile version of the race that begins in Silver Lake and finishes in Riverbend Park.  CLR24 and the Walk Relay use the same course as the run, but begin with Leg #13 at Silver Lake. The Walk Relay teams start on Friday morning and join the runners on the Cascade Lakes Hwy. CLR24 teams start in Silver Lake on Friday early evening merging right into the excitement and pack of CLR36 running teams. CLR24 and Walk Relay teams are comprised of a minimum of eight members and a maximum of twelve. A 12 member team will each run/walk two legs during the course of the race, while an eight person team will each have three legs to cover. Legs range from 3 to 9 miles in length so that a  runner/ walker will do an average of 12 miles over the course of the race. Participants receive all of the same swag as the CLR36 participants, including a CLR finishers shirt, medal and beer at the finish.


Thank you to our amazing sponsors involved along the Cascade Relay courses!

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