Featured Runner: Jill Eberley

At Cascade Relays, we know there are many outstanding runners and walkers integrated into every team. We want to take the opportunity to feature a few of these unique Cascade Relays participants so that we can all be inspired by the amazing personal stories of fellow runners and walkers.

So what does it take to be a stand out runner? Let’s start with our first featured runner, Jill Eberley and you’ll get the idea.

Jill was nominated by her teammate Troy Hancock. They are members of the former S2S team Blood, Sweat and Beers that has now become Blood, Sweat and More […]

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Who is Holding You Accountable?

“If someone would just make me do it, then I would do it!”

Does this sound familiar? Our personal discipline can sometimes be easily thrown out the window. We find ourselves blaming everything other then ourselves for not getting the job done.  I’m sure many of you can relate when it comes to training for a running race.

Running with a friend or training partner can be a key advantage in having a successful race. There is nothing more regrettable then running a race knowing you could have trained better. So when you make plans to meet for a weekend run, do […]

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The 6Keg portion of the Bend Beer Chase

The very last leg of the Bend Beer Chase will be a great way to finish the one day relay as a team. We thought it was so much fun that we even opened up registration for people to do the 6Keg only and not the entire relay if they wanted to. But how do we really know how much fun it will be? We’ll we tested it ourselves! Man this job is tough.

Here’s how it will generally work. The relay portion of the BBC will end at Crow’s Feet Commons in downtown Bend. This is where all the timing […]

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