Featured Runner: Jill Eberley

At Cascade Relays, we know there are many outstanding runners and walkers integrated into every team. We want to take the opportunity to feature a few of these unique Cascade Relays participants so that we can all be inspired by the amazing personal stories of fellow runners and walkers.

So what does it take to be a stand out runner? Let’s start with our first featured runner, Jill Eberley and you’ll get the idea.

Jill was nominated by her teammate Troy Hancock. They are members of the former S2S team Blood, Sweat and Beers that has now become Blood, Sweat and More […]

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CLR Love | How two teammates became a family

As Valentine’s Day is approaching, we’d like to share a love story that many people don’t know began at the Cascade Lakes Relay.

In 2010, CLR team Running on Empty was about to spark a love connection. Two teammates, Gretchen and Matt, would meet each other for the first time at exchange point 6 when Van 1 (Gretchen) handed off to Van 2 (Matt).

Gretchen explains how both her and Matt almost didn’t join the team. “I did try to get out of the race last minute because of a nagging injury, and Matt got talked back onto the team at the […]

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The Best Running Team Names Ever…

We love funny, creative and clever running team names. It’s kind of an obsession, really.  We have spent hours pouring over relay results, laughing at the crazy relay team names people come up with  all year long. When registration rolls around in October, we can’t wait to see the new team names that come in. During the races, we love seeing how teams make those names come alive with their decorations and clever slogans written on van windows.

If you are trying to think of a team name for your next relay race, you just might be inspired by our list […]

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