Prepare to Race


Welcome to the 12th annual Cascade Lakes Relay.

Team Check-In

CLR 36 Teams can check in beginning Thursday, August 1st from 4-9 pm at Diamond Lake Resort or Friday morning at least 45 minutes before your start time.

Walk Relay Teams can check-in on Thursday, August 1st from 7pm-9pm at the Best Western in La Pine or Friday morning starting at 7 am the Silver Lake Community Center.

CLR 24 Teams can check-in on Friday, August 2nd starting at 4 pm at the Silver Lake Community Center or at least 45 minutes before your start time.


In order to check in, the Team Captain (or designee) is REQUIRED to show:


  1. Twelve reflective vests – 1 for each runner (Six for Ultra teams) 
  2. Two flashlights or headlamps
  3. FOUR flashing red lights – 2 for each van (one for your back and one for your front).  Please invest in high-quality flashing lights that can be seen by cars for a mile 
  4. If you chose to “Hire a Volunteer” and haven’t paid prior to the race, you will not be allowed to start without paying
  5. Two copies of the Race Guide – 1 for each van (ok if Van 2 race guide is not at the start line)
  6. Two copies of the Race Map – 1 for each van (ok if Van 2 race map is not at the start line)
  7. Participant Waiver Form with signatures of all participants. All runners, drivers, and volunteers must sign a waiver.  Volunteers will turn in their waiver to the Race Official at their assigned exchange point
  8. Evidence of watching our 2019 Safety Video – All team members are required to watch the video and will be quizzed on its content at check-in.

August 2nd & 3rd, 2019


Waivers must be signed by every teammate and turned in at check-in.

Finish Line

It is no secret that Bend, Oregon has great beer. With more than 26 breweries in Central Oregon, it is a mecca for the beer lover and the athlete alike. To celebrate your finish, we’ve invited some of the local breweries to share their great beers with you. As a runner, walker, or volunteer you will receive a token for a complimentary craft beverage.  Friends and family will be able to join in as we all enjoy food, music and finish line festivities at Riverbend Park. The relay finish line celebration at Cascade Lakes Relay will have more than just a giant beer garden. We’ll also have tons of great food options as well!