What is the Beer Chase?

Enjoy running with your friends? Enjoy a nice craft brew? Now you can combine the two with our unique Beer Chases! At Cascades Relays, we have found a way to combine our passion for running with our love of craft beers. The idea for the Beer Chase series was born when Cascades Relays founder Scott Douglass had a stroke of genius to combine relay running with sampling delicious craft beers. The result? Our unique, and exceptionally fun, Beer Chases! The Bend and Boulder Beer Chases build on the relay experience by incorporating craft breweries and a festival-like atmosphere. 

Just imagine: One day, one van, six friends, twelve legs. And a dozen or more awesome craft breweries hosting exchange points where runners sample their amazing craft. Seriously, what could be better? Our Beer Chases bring out all types of people.  Women and men, young and old. Beer drinkers that occasionally run, beer drinkers that run a lot, and runners that drink a lot of beer! Sound like a good time? Take this opportunity to spend the day outdoors, enjoying the views, amazing local craft brews, and getting some good exercise, all while being with friends!

Bend Beer Chase

Boulder Beer Chase

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