So with all of us truly slowing down for a moment, we are checking off tasks that are way overdue! One of which is introducing you to are amazing Cascade Relays crew. The faces behind all that leads up to event day and beyond. 

Kicking off this insightful element with Tyson Baird, our Operations Director. Tyson is one of the most solid and hard working humans around and we are pretty darn lucky to have him behind all things CR. 

Cascade Relays: How long have you been a part of the CR team?

Tyson Baird: I have been with Cascade Relays for about a year and a half.


CR: Which event is your favorite to be onsite for?

TB: Cascade Lakes Relay has been the most challenging, grueling, and rewarding event I’ve have been involved with.


CR: If you could change the name of Cascade Lakes Relay what would you call it?

TB: The “More Cowbell” 200

CR: Oddest thing you have seen a team do while out on the trails?

TB: A non decorated van, BOO


CR: Words of wisdom for any new teams?

TB: Don’t miss out on a cold beer, cheeseburger, and some local “charm” at Exchange 14 – Fort Rock Waterin’ Hole (unless you’re running leg 15 :-))


CR: Most memorable van/costume?

TB: Farmers Only!


CR: Outside of race days, what is your favorite holiday?

TB: My birthday.


CR: If you could pick a celebrity to drive you around during CLR who would it be?

TB: Sandra Bullock (have you seen the movie Speed?!


CR: Anything else?

TB: Be sure to thank a volunteer! Thank you.

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