Registration for Cascade Relays 2024 is now open!

FAQS – CLR – Deferred 2020 Teams

Yes.  All CLR 2020 teams will receive Guaranteed Entry to CLR throughout their credit/deferral timeline (4 years or 4 team registrations, whichever comes first); however, Team Captains are still required to register during the established lottery period.

You can absolutely use your credit in 2022. Your credit and deferrals never expire and can be transferred from the 2020 team captain to a newly designated person.

Your credit and 1st deferral cannot be combined towards registration of the same event in the same year.  You may use your credit for Cascade Lakes Relay and your 1st deferral in the same year; however, they must be used for separate team registrations (either a second CLR team or a different event).


Example 1: your team may use your credit to register for CLR2021 and your 1st deferral for Bend Beer Chase in 2021 


Example 2: your team may use your credit to register one team for CLR2021 and your 1st deferral to register a 2nd team for CLR2021.


Review the full Credit/Deferral Policy

  • On the Registration Form, Team Captains will be prompted with a button to “Send my Credit/Deferrals.”  
      • Click this button. Enter your email address and hit submit.  You must enter the email address used for 2020 team registration for the system to identify your team.
      • An automatic email containing a unique code will be sent to the email address you entered.  
      • Return to the Registration Form and enter the code into the Coupon box before submitting your registration.  This will apply your 2020 credit to your 2021 registration.  
  • Teams must register during the CLR lottery period (November 15-30) to guarantee their spot 
  • Mail in your registration form and deposit no later than January 15th (postmarked). 
    • 50% of your 2020 credit is applied to your registration deposit. 
  • Mail in your balance and Hire-A-Volunteer donation (if applicable) no later than March 1st (postmarked). 
    • 50% of your 2020 credit is applied to your registration balance. 
    • For those teams that deferred their 2020 HAV fees to 2021, your HAV credit will be applied to your 2021 registration.

Review the full 2020 Credit/Deferral Information 

CLR 2020 Team Captains are provided with a credit/deferral of two-thirds (67%) of your 2020 registration fee .  All CLR 2020 teams will receive Guaranteed Entry to CLR throughout the period of time your credit/deferral timeline is implemented by your team captain.  Review the full 2020 Credit/Deferral Information 

Yes.  2020 Credit/Deferrals are associated with the Team Captain’s name and email used to register for CLR 2020.  Team Captains that would like to transfer their credits need to send a request by email to [email protected].

Please email us at [email protected] and we will ship you a 5th year veteran shirt or your 10th Anniversary Hydro Flask.  Alternatively, you can request to receive it at the finish line of CLR 2021.

Yes, anyone that was registered for CLR 2020 earns one participation year for CLR.

Our small team is working behind the scenes to ensure our 2021 events provide an exceptional opportunity for us to gather again safely doing what we do best - challenging our minds and bodies while building strong supportive relationships, experiencing a beautiful scenic course together, while helping our local community.  We need all of this again and more in 2021! 


We will do everything in our power to provide an in-person event in 2021 for our teams.  If we are unable to hold Cascade Lakes Relay as advertised, we are working on alternative plans that will provide teams with a valuable experience. These alternative plans include but are not limited to: a modified or shortened course, changing to a trail relay format, or an enhanced virtual platform. 

Your team registration fee is non-refundable once accepted and confirmed. 

Cascade Relays has reduced expenses and staff levels to survive this pandemic.  The uncertainty of next summer and large gatherings is extremely challenging to the entire events industry.  We are optimistic of the future and our staff is working hard to ensure we are prepared to provide you with an amazing event experience.

We are working with our partners and permitting agencies as well as Oregon Health Authority to identify and implement measures to reduce risk for participants, volunteers, our team and communities. With attention to density reduction, touchpoint minimization, enhanced hygiene, screening and education, as well as self-awareness, we will continue to deliver our teams a high quality event with necessary precautions and adjustments so you can participate safely.  More information on our safety precautions will be provided as we continue to learn and adapt.


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