September 26 - October 4 Beer Chase Virtual

Beer Chase Virtual

Our goal is to create the same community connection and family vibe of the Beer Chase series, but through a safe, socially distanced, event to be experienced with your own team. We all need to stay connected and mental health of our friends and family is crucial, now more than ever.

Beer Chase Virtual

September 26 – October 4

At first glance, organizing a virtual relay can feel daunting – we hear you.  A virtual relay is certainly more complex than a virtual individual race, like a 10k or half-marathon.  However; we believe it has the potential to be way more enjoyable.

The great thing about a virtual event is that there is no one size fits all approach. Teams make their own rules and set their own course, start and finish. It doesn’t need to be complicated. It doesn’t need to be competitive (but it can be!).  You can run 1 leg or all ~50 miles.  You can sample beer along the way or save up for a thirst quenching beer at your finish line.  You can run solo. You can run together (socially distanced).  The options are endless!

Our advice?  Make it fun and find a way to connect safely and comfortably with your teammates.


There are a number of ways your team can participate in Virtual Beer Chase and below are just a few ideas.


1. Run/Walk Equivalent to the Beer Chase Course – Complete All or Some Legs Solo

Your team collectively runs a total of ~50 miles, equivalent to the full Bend Beer Chase or Boulder Beer Chase course.  Legs are completed as solo runs at your convenience.  This option may be ideal for those teammates that don’t live in the same city/state or uncomfortable with an in-person gathering.

  • Team Captains assign individual legs to teammates
  • Teammates complete their legs over the course of Beer Chase week
  • Team Captains submit their total team time for the distance for inclusion in official results and awards.
  • Option: Have each teammate complete their first leg during the week and  then on Saturday gather at a central location to run the last legs together – i.e one runner goes out to run their assigned leg before coming back to hand-off to the next person.  Post run, celebrate (socially distanced) with your own beer garden!


2. Run/Walk Equivalent to the Beer Chase Course – Complete All Legs from a Central Location

Your team collectively runs a total of ~50 miles, equivalent to the full Bend Beer Chase or Boulder Beer Chase course.  Gather in someones backyard or other central location (socially distanced) with a sampling of beer and snacks, one runner goes out to run their assigned leg before coming back to hand-off to the next person.

  • Team Captains assign individual legs to teammates
  • Teammates complete their legs over the course of the day
  • Team Captains submit their total team time for the total distance  for inclusion in official results and awards.


3. Quickest Route to the Beer Garden

Not interested in completing all the miles?  Keep it simple and focused on fun.  On any given day during Beer Chase week run the final leg together with your teammates and celebrate with a BBQ together (socially distanced of course) with family, significant others, etc. Have your own finish line party! 


4. All About the Costumes 

Does your team live for the contests and costumes?  Who cares whether you run one mile or one hundred miles as long as you’re having fun!  Show your spirit by preparing for and flaunting your team’s creativity and enthusiasm through our social media contests.


5. Make it Your Own

Get creative and come up with your own way to run and connect together.  We can’t wait to hear what your team has planned and seeing you in action during Virtual Beer Chase week — don’t forget to use #BBC2020 and tag us @cascaderelays and @beer_chase


Need some inspiration? View this fun video made by a Team Captain, Chris Harmon, who hosted a virtual Bend Beer Chase in June.

CLICK HERE for full details on this year’s contests, rules and prizes!

Hey Virtual Beer Chasers, it’s contest time!  Things certainly look different this year, but we are excited to see what everyone comes up.


Participation Rules — To be eligible: 

  • Your post must be public
  • Tag BOTH @beer_chase and @cascaderelays 
  • Tag the contest sponsor (each sponsor is noted below)
  • Use #beerchase2020
  • All submissions must be posted and made public by  5PM on Monday, October 5th. 


COLUMBIA BANK – Most Creative Virtual Experience

Let’s get virtual, virtual! No doubt things are a little different this year so let’s embrace those differences! Show us how you made the most of this virtual version of Beer Chase.

Tags |  #beerchase2020 @cascaderelays @beer_chase @columbiabank 

Prize| Winning team receives a gift basket fit for 6 filled with swag from Columbia Bank and Cascade Relays.




Okay gang, this is where the magic happens! We ALWAYS encourage costumes and can you blame us, they make for the best photos! 

Tags |  #beerchase2020 @cascaderelays @beer_chase @wildridebrew

Prize| 1 Grand Prize and 2 Runner-Ups will be awarded with a sweet swag package from Wild Ride Brewing.



CRATER LAKE SPIRITS – Most Spirited Team

We need this enthusiasm and team spirit more than ever so show us what you’ve got! The crew that displays the most all out pizzazz and overall ‘there is no place we would rather be” will be rewarded handsomely!

Tags |  #beerchase2020 @cascaderelays @beer_chase @craterlakespirits

Prize|Winning team receives six crater lake rocks glasses, rail bar mats, and a $25 tour and tasting card for each teammate. 



PICKY BARS – Most Impressive ‘Seen on my Run’

The options are endless – mountains, seaside, city views, sunrise, sunset… show us where your run took you and what spectacular view you experienced. 

Tags | #beerchase2020 @beer_chase @cascaderelays @pickybars

Prize| Picky Bars is hooking up on lucky winner with a mixed box of Picky Bars, a water bottle, a tech run visor and a sticker pack.






Packet Pick-Up in Bend and Portland.  Packet Delivery to Eugene and Salem.  Packet Shipment to Colorado/out of state teams.

    • Portland: Wednesday, September 23rd from 4 – 7 pm outside of 10 Barrel (1411 NW Flanders St, Portland, OR 97209)
    • Bend: Delivered the week of September 21st
    • Salem/Eugene: Delivered the week of September 21st
    • Out of State: Shipped and delivered by September 25th



Each team will receive the following:

  • A “mystery” variety pack of past event t-shirts for every runner/walker participating in the virtual relay
  • Team Captain Hat – a thanks for all your hard work
  • A Silipint Taster for every participant
  • A case of Private Label “Beer Chaser” beer by 10 Barrel
  • Picky Bars for the entire team
  • Ablis CBD products
  • More swag from our Beer Chase partners
  • Printable Bib

CLICK HERE for full details

For those teams that want to be included in the Beer Chase 2020 Official Results must follow these steps:


  1. Your team must complete the full event distance over the course of Virtual Beer Chase week (September 26th – October 4th). 
  1. Bend Beer Chase – 55.4 miles  Click Here- Full Bend Beer Chase map
  2. Boulder Beer Chase – 53 miles Click Here – Full Boulder Beer Chase map


  1. All legs must be assigned and evenly distributed amongst your team members.  
    1. View Bend Beer Chase legs here
    2. View Boulder Beer Chase legs here


  1. Once all legs are completed, Team Captains must complete a TimeSheet to calculate their total finishing time.
    1. Bend Beer Chase Timesheet
    2. Boulder Beer Chase Timesheet


  1. Team Captains then must submit their finishing time via THIS LINK by Tuesday, October 6th at midnight.  

Important: When posting results you’ll need to use the very exact email address of the captain and the very exact spelling with case and punctuation as they did when you registered – if not, you’ll receive a message saying that they’re not found.


Official results will be posted by Wednesday, October 7th

Complete your team roster by September 11th so we can prepare your team’s packet and “mystery” t-shirt bag.

Every runner/walker participating in Virtual Beer Chase must sign the e-waiver available here.

Virtual Beer Chase registration is now closed; however, we will do our best to accommodate any teams still wanting to participate.  Please email [email protected].


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