2021 Fire Information

July 24, 2021


​​It’s certainly been a challenging 16 months as we’ve all endured a global pandemic and we are truly excited to be hosting Cascade Lakes Relay again. 

But now we are facing the largest forest fire in the United States and the uncertainty of air quality to safely participate in this event.  We can plan for the fire now, but although the air quality forecast is positive today, air quality will still remain unknown until a few days prior to the event.    

We are forced to make these changes as we simply cannot place any additional burden on the small rural communities and the fire protection district that is working so hard to keep their residents safe during this catastrophic fire.  We will be launching later this week an opportunity to donate funds to help these affected communities.  CLR has been a major fundraising opportunity for the communities we run through and they need us now more than ever. 

Our team is working extremely hard to ensure we have the best possible plan to safely produce CLR and we sincerely appreciate your flexibility and understanding of the complexities of these changes to our participants, volunteers, staff and vendors. 

Our goal is to provide a safe and fun event, while also working to provide you a full 36 leg relay for your team to complete, while enjoying the best features of the Cascade Lakes Relay experience. 

We have created two legs at Diamond Lake and Van 1 and Van 2 will now complete seven laps around the lake to replace the 14 legs we cannot run due to the Bootleg Fire.  Following the completion of these legs, Van 1 will then drive to Ex Pt 14 in Fort Rock and we will restart all teams in official waves between 7pm and midnight on Friday and returning to the typical relay format.   

We’ve always said that Leg 1 at Diamond Lake is the Team Captain leg and the most spectacular leg of any relay race in the country.  Now is everyone’s chance to experience the beauty of this leg! 

This format will also provide an opportunity for your team to enjoy the beach at Diamond Lake with your teammates as we will provide shuttle service to and from the exchange point at the south end of Diamond Lake.  When your team van is not actively running, you will also have an opportunity to explore the local area such as a swim in Crater Lake, a hot spring or a short hike to a waterfall nearby.

The Walk Relay and CLR-24 will start from Ex. Pt. 14 in Fort Rock and will be reduced from 24 legs to 22 legs.  The Walk Relay will start at 10:00AM and CLR-24 will start at 8:00PM.    Teams will follow the typical relay format from exchange 14 to the finish at Riverbend Park.  

We cannot thank you enough for your loyalty and dedication to ensuring that Cascade Relays survives these constant challenges we face together.  Stay tuned for additional information as we put this plan in place so we can safely enjoy this lifetime experience!

See you soon for a high-five or fist bump!







July 21, 2021

CLR will still be held as an in-person event with course modifications.

The Bootleg Fire, which continues to burn actively in the Fremont-Winema National Forest, will significantly impact Cascade Lakes Relay’s course route.    Due to hazardous air quality and resources we rely on being redirected to the wildfire, we are unable to run through a significant portion of the course.

We are working with the local Sheriff’s department, rural fire protection districts, permitting agencies and our partners to firm up a contingency plan. Your patience is appreciated as we completely rework the course and operations plan to ensure an enjoyable and safe CLR experience. We will release full details and an updated map in the next couple of days.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email [email protected].

Click Here for updated information on the Bootleg Fire.




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