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Cascade Relays is a small, family-run business based in Bend, Oregon. Founders Scott and Carrie Douglass grew up in Bend, met in 6th grade and eventually married five days before the inaugural Cascade Lakes Relay in August 2008. Working closely together, Scott & Carrie are focused on the Cascade Relays Family, including the loyal participants, dedicated staff and volunteers, and local communities that contribute to the success of Cascade Relays events.

Cascade Relays is proud to offer fun, unique events that bring together our participants’ passion for running with a shared focus on community, friendship, scenic courses, and supporting local non-profits. Cascade Relays produces overnight team races, including the Cascade Lakes Relay, Oregon’s most challenging running relay race, as well as one-day relay races. The Beer Chase series combines relay running with the experience of visiting awesome craft breweries in some of the country’s most loved craft beer regions. The popular beer runs are one-day relay races hosted in the beer-lover paradises of Bend, Oregon and Boulder, Colorado.

Would you enjoy combining your passion for running with friendship and fun? Come join us on one of our unique and exceptionally enjoyable relay races, where you can experience scenic routes, a strong community atmosphere, some good sweat, and, often, beer! At Cascade Relays, we want to see you push your limits, reawaken your senses, and most of all, enjoy yourself!


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