Registration for 2024 Bend Beer Chase & Cascade Lakes Relays is open!


Registration for 2024 Bend Beer Chase & Cascade Lakes Relays is open!


Cascade Relays offers relays that are more than just an event, they are the events of a lifetime! Our relays are fun and unique, bringing together our shared love of running with a common focus on community, friendship, scenic courses, and supporting local non-profits. Cascade Relays produces overnight team races, including the Cascade Lakes Relay, Oregon’s most challenging running relay race. Spanning 216.6 miles over two days through some of Central Oregon’s most beautiful countryside, this is an event in which you will push your limits and rediscover your senses. 

We also offer the popular Bend Beer Chase, a one-day event combining two things we love: running and beer drinking! Our Beer Chase combines relay running with the experience of visiting awesome craft breweries in one of the West’s most beloved craft beer regions, Bend, OR. The Bend Beer Chase is a fun and festive event with a party-like atmosphere. Whether you love running, beer, or both, we think you’ll enjoy our Bend Beer Chase!

So how would you like to combine your passion for running with friendship and fun? Come join us on one of our unique and exceptionally enjoyable relay events, where you can experience scenic routes, a tight community atmosphere, some good sweat, and, often, beer! At Cascade Relays, we want to see you challenge yourself, embrace new experiences and new friends, but most of all, have a great time!

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At Cascades Relays, we’re about more than just the events themselves, we’re about the family. The family of generous sponsors, worthy non-profits, and of course our fun-loving, drinking beer- and running-loving participants. We strive to create and maintain a family feel and personal connection to our participants.  Hosting and participating in community events throughout the year keeps us connected to our Cascade Relays family even in the off-season. 


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