Cascade Relays Foundation
The Cascade Relays Foundation supports local non-profits, school groups, and community organizations in the communities our events travel through.  Cascade Relays has directly donated over $300,000 to local nonprofits and community groups since its founding in 2008.  In 2017, The Cascade Relays Foundation granted $65,000 to partnering charities.

Scott and Carrie Douglass, co-founders of Cascade Relays, announced the formation of the Cascade Relays Foundation in November 2016. The Foundation allows Cascade Relays to continue supporting nonprofits in the communities along its Cascade Lakes Relays, Bend Beer Chase, Centennial Beer Chase, and San Diego Beer Chase course routes.  Cascade Relays also provides pro-bono support and free equipment for several local nonprofit events throughout the year, including the Boys and Girls Clubs of Bend Thanksgiving I Like Pie run, The Ronald McDonald House Stronger Together Walk, and TEDxBend.

Cascade Relays is accepting Official Charity/Grant Group applications for all events.


“We are able to use our strong brand and sporting events to raise funds and awareness for smaller charities that make a big difference in the lives of residents, especially in smaller communities. Our events are unique and well supported because of the local involvement from nonprofits and community groups, and we enjoy giving back to the communities who open their doors to our runners and walkers.”

Scott Douglass

Co-Owner, Cascade Relays

“Cascade Relays has been one of La Pine Parks and Recreation’s biggest supporters. In the five years we’ve been working with Cascade Relays, they have contributed over $19,000 to our youth and adult programs. Many people have been able to take advantage of our programs because of the scholarship opportunities Cascade Relays provides. We can’t thank them enough!”  

Bo Deforest

Assistant Director, La Pine Parks and Recreation

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