Big Butte Challenge

Registration Opens Spring 2023

Bend, OR


The Big Butte Challenge brings people together to accomplish one common goal: to reach the summit of the 8 Buttes in Central Oregon. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day Weekend, participants hike or run each butte, on their own schedule, using GPS tracking to submit times to the virtual results portal. After each summit, participants can visit the sponsored butte brewery and receive a pint on the house.

The Big Butte Challenge will be back in 2023 with more fun for the whole family.  

We like big buttes…do you?!

Big Butte Challenge

How it works

  • The Big Butte Challenge consists of 8 Butte Challenges; participants can complete the challenges in any order, as many times as they like, within the 14-week timeframe.
  • Participants can register for all 8 Challenges, or just one.
    • Both registration options include custom merch, a jam-packed swag bag, perks from our sponsors, and a free beer for every butte you summit.
  • Registration will remain open throughout the duration of the event, which runs from Memorial Day Weekend thru Labor Day Weekend.
  • You’re competing against other hikers and/or runners, just not at the same time.
  • Course routes are set one-way, from the trailhead to the summit.  Only your uphill effort to the summit is tracked and recorded to the leaderboard.   Once you reach the summit you can enjoy the spectacular views, take pictures, eat a snack and make your way down the butte at your leisure… You may even decide to take a different way back!
  • If you aren’t familiar with the Challenge route, load the Challenge onto your device by downloading it from the webpage prior to your attempt.
  • You don’t need to start/stop your activity tracker at the start/finish point of each Challenge. Your Challenge effort will automatically be recorded the moment you arrive at the start/finish point.
  • Track Challenge effort using your GPS-enabled activity tracker or smartphone.
  • Sync efforts by either exporting a GPX file from your activity tracker or smartphone.  You can also automatically sync using your Strava account.
  • You must register for the Challenge before your attempt for it to count in the standings (i.e. no running or hiking first and then registering)
  • You must follow the published Challenge route closely.  If you deviate from the course by 200 meters or more, your effort will be excluded from the rankings.
  • Efforts must be submitted within 24 hours from the time the attempt has started.
  • Login and track your progress on the leaderboards and activity feed.
  • We calculate scores for all efforts during the 14-week timeframe.  Participants who have the lowest cumulative time in each category will be eligible for prizes. 
  • It’s not all about being speedy!  We will also be giving prizes to the first to complete all 8 Challenges, the best summit selfies and many more fun giveaways.
  • Post photos #bigbuttechallenge and tag @cascaderelays and our brewery partners.

*Below are the 2022 Buttes and Breweries. Updates will be announced in Spring 2023.


We’ve teamed up with RaceManager, to bring you an easily accessible and highly engaging outdoor experience.  With RaceManager’s advanced mapping and tracking tool, we are able to create an event that feels like real racing on real courses with real people.

Rules (2022)

  • Participants can complete the 8 Challenges in any order, uploading as many efforts as they like, within the 14-week timeframe: May 27 @12:01am PDT through September 5th @ 11:59pm PDT
  • Any GPS device that can sync to Strava or export GPX files can be used to submit your times.
  • Times must be submitted no more than 24 hours after that attempt has been started.
  • For the cumulative Challenge award, times for all 8 Challenges will be added to determine a cumulative time. Participants who have the lowest cumulative times will be eligible for prizes.
  • Participants who are unable to make one or more of the Challenges will receive a time equal to the slowest participant in their category PLUS one minute.
  • To be eligible for the Cumulative Challenge prize, you must complete a minimum of two Challenges.
  • Everyone who participates in at least one Stage will receive a custom “I LIKE BIG BUTTES” trucker hat and a complimentary beer from the sponsor brewer(ies).
  • Participants must follow the Challenge routes published in the directions identified (download the GPX to run it for turn-by-turn directions if your computer supports navigation directions)
  • Participants must follow all trail rules and etiquette
  • These are public trails
  • Pack it in pack it out (aka Leave no Trace)
  • Be Safe, Honest, Accountable, Responsible, and Kind

Bonus points

It’s not all about being speedy! We will also be giving prizes spontaneously throughout the 14-week timeframe for the best summit selfies and epic moments. Post photos using #bigbuttechallenge and tag @cascaderelays and our brewery partners.


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