Registration for 2024 Bend Beer Chase & Cascade Lakes Relays is open!

Collaborative Opportunities


Welcome to the Collaborative Opportunities page of Cascade Relays! We are excited that you are interested in partnering with us. For over 17 years, Cascade Relays has been a leading producer of exceptional community events in Central Oregon. Our goal is to promote community involvement and celebration, and we are committed to achieving excellence in everything we do.

Our events are more than just races; they are vibrant, energetic gatherings that create the perfect platform for local businesses like yours to shine. We believe in the power of collaboration and are always eager to form meaningful partnerships that enable our participants to experience the best of what Bend has to offer.

There are myriad ways to get involved and contribute to the Cascade Relays experience. Whether it’s by showcasing your brand, sharing your services, or simply imbuing our events with your unique business flair. We would love to connect with you and explore the numerous possibilities our events can offer for mutual growth and success.

Interested to learn more? Please click here to view our sponsorship deck, which provides more detailed information on the benefits and opportunities available. Feel free to send us an email at [email protected] to discuss further. We are excited to hear from you and welcome you to the Cascade Relays family.


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