Registration for 2024 Bend Beer Chase & Cascade Lakes Relays is open!

Registration Insurance FAQ

Policies are purchased on a team-by-team basis. If any member of your team experiences a qualifying circumstance, your entire team will become eligible to submit a claim for a full refund of the registration fee.

Car trouble? The Team's Covered. Injured teammate? The team's Covered. What about Jury Duty? ....Yup, Still Covered.

Fanshield also protects you and your team against:
Academic or Professional Examination • Active Military Duty • Automobile Theft • Business Operations Interrupted • Company Merger or Acquisition • Complications of Pregnancy • Family Member or Companion Death • Family Member’s Childbirth • Home Uninhabitable • Injury/Illness Family Member • Injury/Illness to You or Companion • Jury Duty • Layoffs • Mechanical Breakdown • Relocation • Revocation or Re-assignment due to war • Stolen Tickets • Strike Affecting Travel Carrier • Terrorist Act • Traffic Accident • Traffic Accident on the way to Travel Carrier • Travel Carrier Bankruptcy and/or Default • Unforeseen Severe Weather • Urgent Home Repair • Weather Emergency • Work Travel Conflict (and more)!

*Please note that registrations for the Bend Beer Chase are non-refundable unless you have purchased registration insurance from Protecht. 

If you need to request a refund or submit a claim for your Regshield policy, you can find instructions in the confirmation email sent to you by Protecht after your purchase. If you can't locate the email, don't worry! You can use this link instead to access the necessary information.

*Please note that Cascade Relays is not responsible for processing any refund requests or claims. For assistance with refunds, please contact their claims department directly as they will handle your request exclusively.


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