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Ambassador Feature – Wendy Hull


We absolutely love and appreciate our Ambassadors! They are a great team of humans that make the cogs in the wheel of our events run smoothly.

A list Boulder Ambassador extraordinaire, Wendy Hull, let us in on a few of the reasons she is as awesome as they come!




Cascade Relays: Do you listen to music when you train?

Wendy: Yes, mixed in with audio trainer

CR: Top motivational song?

W: Work B$%*ch, Brittany Spears

CR: Pre race tradition?

W: Shot of tequila

CR: One fun fact about you?

W: I collect hotel room keys

CR: Bucket list place to go for a run?

W: Central Park, New York

CR: Celebrity you would want on your team?

W: Oprah. Then, when I get tired she can buy me a car… and YOU get a car, and YOU get a car!

CR: If you were to participate in  non-running race what would it be (i.e. dog sled, car, bike, horse)?

W: Pie Eating Contest

CR: Favorite race of all time?

W: Human. Ha, kidding, Napa to Sonoma

CR: Favorite thing about being an ambassador?

W: The vest, and talking to the public!


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