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Ready to Run a Relay?

March 7, 2020

Cascades Relays has the event for you!

Relay races are sweeping across the country, rising in popularity faster than you can sprint 100 yards. Varying in length, team size, and course difficulty, these events all involve splitting a long distance run into manageable legs, each ran by a member of your team. Dozens of these types of events happen each year around the country, drawing communities of people together around a shared love of running. Combining runners from a wide range of skills levels, from dedicated weekend warrior joggers to high-school athletes and aging track team veterans, relays offer a little something for everyone. At Cascades Relays, we believe in the power of running to bring people together. We’ve developed our exceptional relays to combine a love of running with friendship, scenic courses, and community involvement. If you are ready to run a relay, check out what Cascades Relays has to offer you. 

Our flagship Cascades Lakes Relay starts in the Cascade Mountains, winding through rural agricultural country, back to the Cascade Lakes Highway, around Mt. Bachelor, and into the town of Bend. The full relay is known as the CLR36, and the course totals 216.6 miles, broken into 36 legs. A team of 12 (or even 6 or 8 runners) take turns running “legs,” shorter segments of 3 to 9 miles that link together at exchange points. For a team of 12, each runner would run 3 legs, for a total distance of about 18 miles. Most teams take about 32 hours to complete the 216.6 miles. There is also a shorter version, the CLR24, with a truncated 132 mile route. CLR24 teams begin with Leg #13 in Silver Lake, merging right into the excitement and pack of CLR36 running teams. For this shorter version, teams have 8-12 members, and legs still range from 3 to 9 miles in length, for an average total of 12 miles. If you are seeking an adventure where you can push your limits and rediscover your senses, then the Cascades Lakes Relay is the event for you and your team. This year’s run takes place July 31- August 1, 2020, and registration is open now!

How about running a relay race that incorporates beer tasting? At Cascades Relays, we have found a way to combine our passion for running with our love of craft beers. The idea for the Beer Chase series was born when Cascades Relays founder Scott Douglass had a stroke of genius to combine relay running with sampling delicious craft beers. Our unique, and exceptionally fun, Bend Beer Chase and Boulder Beer Chase incorporate craft breweries and a festival-like atmosphere into the relay experience. 

The first Bend Beer Chase happened in 2014, and this popular event continues annually, bringing beer-lovers and runners together for a 55 mile relay from Bend to Redmond, and back. The atmosphere of the Bend Beer Chase is festive, and the relay culminates with the “Keg Leg,” a 3-mile Pub Run to eight great craft breweries in downtown Bend. Participating breweries provide runners with a craft beer sample, and runners receive a raffle ticket from each brewery they visit. Turn in raffle tickets to the Finish Line for the chance to receive a 2021 Bend Beer Chase registration! The Bend Beer Chase happens June 6, 2020, and registration is open now!

Our Bend Beer Chase was such a hit we decided to expand to another great beer region, Boulder, Colorado. The fun and festive Boulder Beer Chase offers beer samples throughout the entire course! The course spans 55 miles, snaking through some of Colorado’s most beautiful countryside, and visiting some of the region’s most lauded craft breweries. Runners begin in Boulder at Avery Brewing Company and finish in Fort Collins at Odell Brewing. Every exchange point is hosted by one of the participating craft breweries, where runners can enjoy a 3 – 4 oz sample of craft beer and enjoy the party-like atmosphere. Sound like your kind of thing? The Boulder Beer Chase happens June 20, 2020, and registration is open now!

Ready to run a great relay? Relay runs allow us to do what we love, surrounded by others that love it too. Experience the reward of being a supportive teammate, and embrace the opportunity to make new friends or spend time with old ones. Challenge yourself with our CLR36 relay, or have some fun with our Beer Chases. Whether you love running, beer-drinking, or both, you will find something to love about our unique relays. Want to find out more? Visit for course information, and register today!