Our Story

Cascade Relays is a small, family-oriented business based in Bend, Oregon. Founders Scott and Carrie Douglass grew up in Bend, met in 6th grade and eventually married five days before the inaugural Cascade Lakes Relay in August 2008. Working closely together, the small team of staff are focused on the Cascade Relays Family, including the loyal participants, dedicated staff and volunteers, and local communities that contribute to the success of Cascade Relays events.

Cascade Relays currently produces the Cascade Lakes Relay and The Beer Chase Series – with local one-day relays in Bend and Boulder.

Meet Our Team

  • Scott Douglass

    Scott Douglass

    CEO / Co-Founder

  • Carrie Douglass

    Carrie Douglass


  • Jo Sylvester

    Jo Sylvester

    Chief Operations Officer

  • Tyson Baird

    Tyson Baird

    Director of Operations

  • Erik Zeitlow

    Erik Zeitlow

    Assistant Race Director - Boulder

  • Kelsey Abbott

    Kelsey Abbott

    Volunteer Coordinator

  • Samantha DePeel

    Samantha DePeel

    Social Media Manager

  • Kristen Coleman

    Kristen Coleman

    Lead Ambassador


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