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Volunteer Information

Cascade Lakes Relay

Team Volunteer Requirements

All CLR 36, CLR 24 and Walk Relay teams are responsible for providing 2 volunteers.  Ultra Teams provide 1 volunteer.  High School teams and 1-2 person teams are not required to provide a volunteer.

To fulfill the volunteer requirement, teams may choose between the following options:

  1. Supply Your Own Volunteers – provide 2 volunteers who are available any time Friday or Saturday to work a 6-8 hour shift out on the course.  Volunteers can be assigned to a morning, afternoon, evening or overnight shift on either day.  We do our best to assign volunteers based on locality (i.e. if your volunteers live near the start, we will try not to assign them an assignment near the finish); however, we can not guarantee volunteer shifts or locations.
  2. Hire-a-Volunteer (HAV)donate $300 ($150 per volunteer) so that we can partner with local charities and community groups who will provide volunteer(s) on the course for your team. 100% of your funds are donated to these worthy organizations.


Team Volunteer Instructions

Supply Your Own Volunteers:

We love our volunteers and want to make sure you are well prepared for your volunteer shift on event day. Your experience as a volunteer will be more enjoyable if you’re prepared, so please read the volunteer instructions & directions carefully and contact us if you have any questions. Please read the Official Race Guide (coming soon!) and Race Map (coming soon!) to familiarize yourself with the rules and procedures.

Things to know:

  • All volunteers must be registered in the database and sign the online participant wiaver.
  •  The duration for volunteer shifts for Cascade Lakes Relay average 6-8 hours and shifts take place day or night anywhere along the course.
  • We do not accept volunteer location/ time requests.
  • Volunteer Assignments for Cascade Lakes Relay are released on July 1st.  If you choose to change your volunteer status after assignments have been released, the HAV donation is $300 per volunteer.
  • All volunteers receive a Cascade Relays hat and an invitation to join us at the finish line celebration.
  • If you are volunteering on behalf of an Official Charity or Community Group, please contact your charity coordinator for your volunteer location/time.


Hire-a-Volunteer (HAV):


  1. At the time of registration or by June 1st: $150 per volunteer
  2. Postmarked between June 1st and July 1st: $200 per volunteer
  3. Final Hire-A-Volunteer Price after volunteer shifts have been assigned: $300 per volunteer

Payment instructions:

Only if you selected to “Request Nonprofit Volunteers” a donation check of $300 is due no later than July 1st, 2022 (postmarked). 

This payment must be made out to Cascade Relays Foundation. Please send a check to:

Cascade Relays Foundation
PO Box 1088
Bend OR 97709

Include on the memo of your check your team name, team captain name (if different from the name on the check) and CLR.



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