Registration for 2024 Bend Beer Chase & Cascade Lakes Relays is open!

Team Highlight – Orangetheory Fitness Thirsty Chicks

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The Cascade Relays crew seriously loves our teams and the energy they bring to our events. So, we’re going to brag about them! Our first team feature is The Orangetheory Fitness Thirsty Chicks! Lynette, the team captain, was gracious enough to answer some questions about the genesis of their team and their experience with the Bend Beer Chase.

How many years have you been participating the Bend Beer Chase?
In 2015, we formed the Thirsty Chicks with Fierce Kicks. This will be our 5th year running together as a team. We have run other half marathons and relays together, the Healdsburg Half, Lake Tahoe Half, Eugene & Bend Half, and Cascade Lakes Relay. The Bend Beer Chase is our signature “Must Do” relay every year. It is our kick-off for a summer of fun runs and good times together. We’ve got the van rental, cooler, water sprayers, exchanges, and all the logistics dialed in, so it’s very little prep for us. The distance and legs have been shortened from the original course, so it is much more laid back. The first year we were so nervous about just being able to run our assigned legs, now, we just go out to have a great time, supporting each other with lots of hootin’ & hollerin’ and crazy fun!

What are you most excited about for this year?
We are so excited this year to run as a team for Orangetheory Fitness Bend. When OTF opened its studio in Bend we were eager to check it out. We joined as founding members and absolutely love it! It’s an honor to have them backing our team. We are also excited about getting back together after a long winter of everyone busy with work and family commitments.

Do you have a team theme picked out?
Obviously, we will be sporting Orange representing OTF! We will add a little flare with our sparkling silver skirts and Tour des Chutes caps. Stacey, our team choreographer, created a kick line for us our first year, so look out “Rockettes”.How did your team come together?

How did your team come together?
The origin of our team goes back to around 2011-12. We met at a 6:00 a.m. Bend Adventure Boot Camp. Some of us were pro-running, some of us anti-running. However, after months of the camaraderie of exercising and sweating together in Boot Camp, we decided to register for some local 5K’s. We had so much fun together, even our “non” runners were hooked. The cool thing is we have now formed long-lasting friendships that go beyond running!

Thanks, Lynette and The Thirsty Chicks! It’s teams and runners like this that make our job so incredibly fun!



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