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Charity Team Feature: First Descents

First Descents (FD) is nonprofit organization that provides free outdoor adventures for Young Adults (18-39) impacted by cancer and other serious health conditions. So it seems only fitting that they are one of our charity teams for the 2020 race season, as we love to get a good adventure in the hands of as many people as possible!

The team is comprised of former FD participants, their family, friends and caregivers, staff and supporters. Each teammate has experienced a FD adventure first hand or heard from someone how much of a difference one of their programs made. This rowdy and focused gang is fully committed to making the experience possible for other young adults in need and getting them out on adventures whenever possible. This hearty group of athletes is hoping to collectively raise $50,000 – funds which will go towards fully funding life changing programming for young adults impacted by Cancer & MS. Covering things like gear, food, and lodging, for weeklong and multi-day whitewater kayaking, rock climbing and surfing programs. 

Though this is their first time running Cascade Lakes Relay they have been gathering insight from friends and family on just what to expect. “We’re pumped to experience the Cascade Lakes Relay culture! From photos online and firsthand accounts from friends, we’ve heard all about the challenging, goofy, amazing event that is CLR! Also, THAT FEAST at the end looks incredible,” noted their team captain. As far as training goes, DF will utilize the trails and streets of Colorado, Oregon and Washington to prep for the gritty and grueling multi-day relay. 

When asked about a celebrity team member they would happily add to their crew if given the chance there was no hesitation in spouting out Will Smith’s name! We can picture it now, Getting Jiggy Wit It blasting from the dusty van windows as he speeds along Wild Wild West style in his Men in Black Suite. 

To sum it up, this is one very worthy ensemble of wear-your-heart-on-your-sleeve people and we could not be more thrilled to support them as they take on this opportunity in honor of those impacted by MS and Cancer. Making sure everyone gets an opportunity at adventure, CLR style or not.

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