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Team Feature: Bad News Beers – Ablis CBD Sponsored Team

September 16, 2020

We could not make the details here any better than they already are!  This year’s Ablis CBD sponsored team has a record of being awesome and this year is no exception! Who is this team of pure, beer drinking, run loving fun makers you ask? Well, sit back, enjoy a cold local IPA and listen up: 


Team Bad News Beers teammates Kelly, Scott and Dale have been running Bend Beer Chase together for six years. Tina, Jay, Kirk, and Valerie were asked to join three years ago.  They couldn’t come up with a good enough excuse why they couldn’t run then and still haven’t found one that would work.  Team Captain Kelly has been in every BBC except one.  She ran in the inaugural BBC where her all womens team earned first place.  Kelly has seen every finish line from the green at Crux to the most recent finish at Decshutes Historical Museum. 


Not only do their shirts and socks match (thank you Team Captain Kelly) but so do their can-do attitudes. Their plan for the Virtual Beer Chase is ingrained in their team tradition. Run hard, drink beer at every opportunity, laugh and have fun! Is there any better way to spend a weekend with friends than earning your brew via miles of movement? (Hint: No).


They admittedly love the short-ish race factor. We all know it is tough enough getting friends together these days with work, kids, life. So a quick few miles, laughing and drinking sounds pretty ideal and worth putting on the calendar. One year they celebrated Dale’s 50th during the race; dressing him up as an ‘old man’ for the costume leg, never a dull moment!


Best advice this team has for any rookies looking to join in this memory maker? “Have a backup runner (or two), collect money from your teammates early and rent a van so you are not dirty’ing your own rig.”


And there you have it. This is how you Beer Chase with the best of ‘em and enjoy the miles to the max!


As this year’s selected sponsored team, Ablis CBD is hooking up the Bad News Beers with a cooler full of Ablis CBD drinks, head to toe swag and muscle rug.  Tune in on Saturday, September 26th for some live footage as they run a portion of the Bend Beer Chase course – follow us @beer_chase @cascaderelays !