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Why Run a Relay Race?

March 2, 2020

3 Great Reasons to Run with Others

You love running, so do we. And at Cascades Relays, we love running with friends. Have you ever considered running a relay? Relays are great because they can combine your passion for running with a memory-making experience with friends. At Cascades Relays, we specialize in producing memorable and highly-enjoyable relays that bring together long distance running, friendship, scenic courses, and even beer! That’s right; Cascades Relays are festive occasions, where runners work hard, and play hard. Why run a relay? Here are our top three reasons to give relays a try.


  • Experience Running as a Team Sport


Running is often a solo undertaking, and we love that about it! What’s better than being able to just head out the door and grab an hour or two (or maybe just 20 minutes!) of heart-pumping adrenaline and release? Running as a team isn’t much different, but a group of friends around you can add to your experience in ways you may not have anticipated. When you get tired, your team is there to cheer you on and encourage you to push through. If you feel like giving up, you’ll keep on going – because you know your team is counting on you. And say goodbye to any vestige of loneliness; running with a group, whether old friends or ones you’ve just met, ensures you always have companionship, support, and comradery. 


  • Make New Friends


When you sign up for a relay, you don’t have to have a predetermined group of runners to form a team. Embrace the unknown, and dive in! Many experienced relay runners will tell you they have made new lifelong friends through relays. While running with a group of established buddies is a blast, getting to know an entirely new group of people can be thrilling as well. Join together with others who love running, and find your common ground. Form new bonds, and you’ll be surprised to see how many of those friendships take root. 


  • Challenging, but Achievable


Even if you love running (which we know you do!), a long distance run such as a full- or half-marathon can be intimidating. And a distance that long just isn’t for everyone. With a relay, you will be challenged with a relay leg that is lengthy (usually 4-8 miles), but fully achievable. With a relay, it is not all about the distance. Your relay leg might cover unusual terrain; you may run through mountain passes, or through a small town into a river basin. With Cascade Relays, you will get to experience scenic routes through some of Oregon and Colorado’s most beloved landscapes. Your leg of the relay will challenge you, but it will also inspire you with beautiful vistas of lakes, rivers, grassy plains, towering mountains, and quaint towns. 


Running a relay is less about the run, and more about the experience, the team, and the adventure. Yes, it is still all about running! But running with friends, whether old or new, will add something more to the experience. Run with others and be inspired by their passion, their grit, and their drive. Become a relay team member and embrace your inner-cheerleader; cheering on and supporting your teammates through their trials and triumphs will build you up as much as it does them. Build new friendships, and enjoy long-established ones. You won’t believe the bonding and comradery that comes with late-night van rides between relay legs! Find the joy that comes from doing something you love with others that love it too. 

So what do you think; are you ready to run a relay? At Cascades Relays, we invite you to come out and join us for one of our unique and exceptionally fun relays! Bring a group of friends along, or come make some new ones. We think you will enjoy combining your passion for running with our community of running enthusiasts. And if you like beer, well, we think you’ll like our Beer Chases! Want to learn more? Visit for course information, and to register. Don’t wait too long, registration is open now and spaces are filling up quickly. C’mon, let’s go running!